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The Bahamas is just one of the many luxury travel destinations our VIP clients escape to.


Your time is precious, so when you get a chance to enjoy it without the hassle of everyday obligations, you should do it somewhere marvelous. 


This is why selecting the right luxury travel destination is such a crucial step. Each of the world’s top vacation destinations has its own wonders to behold, but it all comes down to the ideal experience you envision for yourself and those who will be traveling with you. 


As your luxury travel agent, I will present you with a list of the best vacation spots for your particular desires and help you assess the advantages and drawbacks of each destination. You can be assured I’ll always come to the table prepared with inside information that will aid you in your decision-making process.


But while you’re here, why not explore some of my most popular luxury travel destinations and learn more about what makes them so beloved amongst international jet-setters from across the globe.

A view of the ocean from a luxury vacation in Greece

Luxury European Vacations

Europe is an explorer’s delight, ideal for those who prefer to immerse themselves in the local culture and experience all of the eccentricities that distinguish a particular city or country from anywhere else on earth.


There’s opulence to satisfy every preference here, be it enchanting Cabaret performances in the City of Light or world-renowned golf resorts in Greece, where players enjoy sweeping views of the Mediterranean sea from every fairway.


A woman in a pool overlooking her luxury vacation in Greece,




Greece is home to isolated utopian islands where visitors awake each morning to 360-degree views of unobstructed ocean. It is where sprawling sandy beaches, rock-ribbed coastlines, and thriving botanic wetlands all merge to create some of the world’s most pleasing and photographic landscapes.


For those who prefer the finer things in life, Greece is one of the luxury travel destinations that never disappoints. There are luxury villas with on-site spas and heated jacuzzis big enough for all your friends and family. There are helicopter tours that provide a bird’s eye view of Santorini Island, two Michelin star restaurants in the core of ancient Athens, and historic castles that seem as if they emerged from the pages of a fairytale.


This is easily one of the most popular dream vacation destinations for my clients and for travellers in general, and it is one I highly recommend experiencing at least once in your lifetime. 

European Destinations
An ariel view of the ocean in the Caribbean.

Luxury Caribbean Vacations

Worries truly seem to melt away in the clear, cerulean waters of the Caribbean. These luxury travel destinations are favourable for travellers who want to let their hair down, soak up the sun, and savor the sweet life for as long as possible.

Time becomes irrelevant here, and each day presents an endless array of possibilities. This is where you can secure your own piece of paradise and live like an A-lister. Yacht parties, personal beaches, private tennis lessons… if you can dream it, you can experience it in the Caribbean.


An ariel view of a yhat floating in the Bahamas.




The gleaming ultramarine waters that surround the Bahamas are among the clearest under the sun. Those who get the opportunity to swim or snorkel in them rarely turn down an opportunity to do so again. 


These waters are even more astonishing when you can savor them from the grand deck of a yacht while anchored in a secluded cay, or when you are gazing out at them as you share a candlelit dinner of fresh ceviche and fire-grilled Caribbean grouper.

However you choose to experience the Bahamas, one thing is for certain— you’ll immediately understand why it’s on our list of best places to visit.

Caribbean Destinatios
Image by Daryan Shamkhali

Find Your Dream Travel Destination With ONYX Vacations

Making a final decision is so much simpler when you can consult with an experienced luxury travel agent. Become a VIP client and unlock the full preferential treatment.


Other luxury travel agencies in Alberta may be able to plan your trip, but I’m confident they won’t hustle as hard or negotiate as proactively as I will to ensure you get the very best value for your vacation budget. Whether it’s at one of our top destinations, or one of your choosing, I’ll provide an unforgettable experience from arrival to departure.

Don’t trust your next extravagant escape from everyday life to just anyone. Trust an Alberta luxury travel expert who produces conclusive results.

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