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An Extravagant Escape From Everyday Life




Your Body, Your Health, Your Way

At ONYX Medical, we understand the importance of achieving your life goals, however diverse. But for some, our bodies can hold us back from living our dream life. Perhaps you would love to lose weight, but bariatric surgery costs here in Canada are prohibitive? Maybe you’re interested in cosmetic surgery to sculpt your body into the shape hours at the gym have not achieved? Or you could just be fed up with the extended waiting times your province has quoted you for treatment at your local medical centre.


Allow ONYX Medical to help. As a medical tourism facilitator in Canada, we can provide you with luxury healthcare solutions abroad that not only meet your medical needs but also fit your budget, costing up to 60% less than Canadian treatment.

A beutiful view of the Eiffer tower, one of many luxury vacations.

Where Will You Find Your Bliss?


The biggest decision you’ll have to make as an ONYX client is where your dream will become a reality. We curate our luxury vacations around your vision, regardless of which destination you choose.


Have you been fantasizing about floating in an infinity-edge pool while your own personal bartender mixes fresh mai tais at the swim-up bar? Or do you prefer something a little more adventurous, like cage diving with sharks in the crystalline waters off the coast of Hawaii? Maybe you aren’t even the “fun in the sun” type. Maybe your dream getaway involves skiing in pristine mountainside powder with a private instructor before arriving at your award-winning, idyllic alpine chalet.


Well, whether you want to escape to the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean, the lush, green valleys of Italy, or the white glistening peaks of Aspen— we’ll get you there. And we’ll ensure you don’t lift a finger along the way.

A view of the ocean from a Carribean tropical resort.


It’s difficult to top the translucent turquoise waters and flourishing tropical forests of the caribbean. Millions of avid travellers flock to the area each year to savor uniquely spiced and seasoned dishes, admire locals as they dance the merengue in vibrant outfits, or take a plunge at the bottom of a majestic and secluded waterfall. 


What items could you tick off your bucket list in the Caribbean?

A viewe of the Loire Valley.


Europe is a mosaic of cultures, climates, and cuisines. There is so much to experience, from the world’s most celebrated art museums, to postcard-worthy coastlines, magnificent historical monuments, and the most prestigious shopping districts anywhere on earth.

You could float above Loire Valley during a hot balloon ride, meander through the verdant vineyard terraces of Lavaux, or take in the breathtaking views of Puerto Pollença bay from your villa’s rooftop patio. Your options are truly endless!

A view of boats in the harbour in Lake Como, Italy.

Personalized Travel Concierge Services


I’m happy to be your right-hand woman when it comes to the curation, configuration, and execution of your luxury vacations. I know how important it is to have a smooth-running itinerary and a back-up plan that accounts for even the most unexpected of circumstances. After all, the pressure of overseeing the particulars of your getaway is anything but luxurious.


I’m here to alleviate that pressure. I take a systematic approach to arranging your trip, ensuring each and every detail is ironed out before you depart. By the time you arrive at your dream destination, your personal preferences and unique requirements will all be sorted— no ifs, ands, or buts.

Travel Concierge Services Include:

  • Booking accommodations

  • Luxury transport and transfers

  • Tailor-made itineraries

  • Spa and wellness bookings

  • Private jet and yacht charters

  • Airport meet and greets

  • Restaurant reservations

  • Event tickets

  • Guided tour arrangements

  • Personal chefs, private cooking classes, wine tastings, etc.

  • Gifts, purchases, and errands

An onyx vacation in Spain.

Why Choose ONYX Vacations?


Our all-inclusive luxury vacations are uncompromisingly upscale. From the basics of your trip, to the subtleties and specifics, we never miss an opportunity to make your experience exquisite. Sweeping ocean views? Bottles of your favorite single malt scotch? Bouquets of your love’s favourite flowers? It’s all possible.


My experience and proven track record in the luxury travel niche has allowed me to form business partnerships with some of the most elite vendors, hotels, and service providers around the world. If you want unrestricted access to the world’s most incredible wonders, I’m the best luxury travel agent in Alberta for you.


You’re seeking a luxury travel agency because you want a professional to preside over the details of your trip. As an ONYX VIP client, you never have to concern yourself with the ins and outs of travelling. Instead, simply enjoy the excitement of knowing what’s to come and prepare to be filled with awe as you explore all your destination has to offer.

A luxury vacation in Dubai.

Are You Ready to Leave Your Everyday Life Behind?

My VIP clients hire me because I am truly an Alberta luxury travel expert. I’ve done my fair share of jet-setting myself, and I have an appreciation for rare experiences that simply can not be replicated.


Other luxury travel agencies in Alberta can plan your trip. But very few (if any) will be as diligent in ironing out the details, or execute your dream experience with the same level of care and consideration. 


You’re looking for a trip that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You want moonlit nights spent on the upper deck of a super yacht. You want rose petals and bottles of Moët on ice. You want a private table at a three Michelin star restaurant.


You want it all. 


And we make it happen.

“Freedom is the greatest luxury of all.”


Onyx Vacations Submark


"Her experience and know-how makes her a wonderful person to help plan your next adventure trip or beach holiday."


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