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Enjoy your dream vacation, made possible with ONYX travel concierge services.

Concierge Services

Travel concierge services are designed for VIP travellers who want to ensure their luxury vacations go precisely as planned, without delays, hassles, or headaches. We tell our clients to think of a luxury concierge as a personal travel assistant and consultant— someone who understands your unique preferences, curates your perfect getaway, and is available to you at any time to ensure your needs are met.

Those who seek to elevate their vacation experience to the highest level will want to consider travel concierge services. With them, there’s absolutely no need to worry or wonder about unexpected setbacks. Your luxury concierge will tailor your travel experience with the highest level of care while also remaining accessible to you to resolve any unforeseen circumstances.

The Benefits of Travel Concierge Services

ONYX VIP clients who add travel concierge services to their vacation package will benefit from:

  • Meet and greets upon arrival and departure

  • 24-hour emergency assistance

  • Rental car reservations

  • Personalized city guidebooks

  • Delivery of flowers, gift baskets, etc to hotel rooms

  • Event passes, tickets, etc.

  • Hotel recommendations and reservations

  • Tailor-made itineraries

  • Personal errands (dry cleaning, grocery shopping, etc)

  • Medical assistance (wheelchair-accessible transportation, allergy restrictions, etc)

  • Interpretation services


Aren’t These Services Provided Under All-Inclusive Luxury Vacations?

No, not necessarily. An all-inclusive luxury vacation will include hotel accommodations and any amenities, services, or experiences offered by that particular hotel or private resort.


If you intend to spend most of your time at your selected hotel or resort, then travel concierge services may not be required to curate your ideal extravagant escape. But for travellers who prefer to venture off the beaten path or experience all their chosen destination has to offer, a more tailored experience will likely be a better fit.


Essentially, all-inclusive luxury vacations, while grand and remarkable in their own right, are a standard for all guests who visit a particular hotel, villa, or resort, while travel concierge services are not limited based on where a traveller is staying.


And lastly, travel concierge services provide extensive support, such as around-the-clock emergency assistance, medical support, and other vital services that most holiday resorts simply do not offer.

A view of a yath sailing in the ocean while on a all-inclusive luxury vacations.

Trust Your Vacation to the Top Luxury Travel Agency in Alberta

Our selective application process allows us to become intimately acquainted with each of our ONYX VIP clients, gaining extensive insight into their preferred travel experience and aligning our services with their expectations. We want to be well-matched with our VIPs because we know it’s the only way to hit the mark each and every time. After all, our goal is to be the best travel concierge service for distinguished individuals with high standards and a clear vision.

If you’re eager to partner with an Alberta luxury travel agent who fully subscribes to the philosophy that luxury is in the details, ONYX is the place for you.

“An investment in travel is an investment into yourself.”



All booking fees are non-refundable & payable prior to discussing any & all travel plans.

Please note that planning fees do not go towards your booking.

My time is valuable and I understand that bookings can be made online with no fee processing. However; Onyx Vacations makes every effort to tailor your travel experience to exactly what you want with little to no hassle for our clients. We offer limited time perks with bookings and add a personal touch to all bookings. In return, we ask that you respect our time by paying the booking fees as per the below schedule.

Luxury All Inclusive Bookings: $150.00 per room
Luxury Tours with Tour Company: $100.00 per passenger
Luxury Tours without Tour Company: $250.00 per passenger
Luxury & Commercial Cruises: $150.00 per stateroom
Luxury Hotel Only: $25.00 per night per room up to a maximum of 5 nights charge ($125.00 per room)
Air Only Bookings: $99.00 per person


Groups are a minimum of 10 passengers. Fee per person within the group is $45.00 (including children and infants)


All booking fees are in CANADIAN DOLLARS & payable by e-transfer to; or Credit Card by calling 780-940-0987 (Credit card payments are subject to 6.5% service fee)

Where Will Your Next Escape Take You?

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